We hope everyone is staying safe!

We hope everyone is staying safe and keeping there distance from other people as best as possible. We continue to monitor the situation and have developed new ways to serve our customers without making contact. For new roof estimates we are able to provide pricing with out entering the home, this would be done by satellite measurement and over the phone consultation. Unlike many other companies Welsh Roofing also offers roof repairs, at times like this repairing your roof might be a better option for you. We can preform most roof repairs with out contact from the homeowner, leave a invoice and submit payment by mail or we can collect credit card information and email the invoice. Many roofing companies only want the roof replacement jobs and will take advantage of homeowners in hard times, few roofing companies can say they've been around for almost 37 years and have made it through difficult times themselves. Call a trusted contractor for any home improvement and stay away from solicitors looking for a quick pay check.