Help Homeowners diagnose roof leaks

With everyone practicing social distancing because of Corona virus we thought it would be a good time to help homeowners help us diagnose some roof leaks that might not actually be roof leaks. Failing windows/siding leaks are commonly mistaken for roof leaks. In the first picture you can see the dark stains under the bottom corners of the window as a result of a failing window, if this happens the roof flashing will not keep the water out.

Chimney Crowns and masonry are also a common problem, over time your chimney will start to develop cracks giving water the opportunity to enter your home. One of the more common issues we see is failing B-vent/ furnace flu caps, the last three pictures show you that water can enter through the cap and at the connections in the attic appear on the outside of the pipe leaving white stains from the soot dripping out with the water. Roof flashing will not prevent the water from entering you home from these issues but are simple to fix, don't be pressured into a new roof by contractors when a new roof might not even fix the problem.

We are always ready to assist you during these times, give us a call with any questions @301-774-2167


Roof Replacement in Annapolis

As crazy as everything has been lately it nice to get to work on a roof with a nice view. We recently completed this roof replacement in Annapolis with CertainTeed driftwood shingles. Over the years we've completed roof repairs on this home to prolong the previous roof for as long as possible, now with a new roof the only water they will see is out of there windows.

We hope everyone is staying safe!

We hope everyone is staying safe and keeping there distance from other people as best as possible. We continue to monitor the situation and have developed new ways to serve our customers without making contact. For new roof estimates we are able to provide pricing with out entering the home, this would be done by satellite measurement and over the phone consultation. Unlike many other companies Welsh Roofing also offers roof repairs, at times like this repairing your roof might be a better option for you. We can preform most roof repairs with out contact from the homeowner, leave a invoice and submit payment by mail or we can collect credit card information and email the invoice. Many roofing companies only want the roof replacement jobs and will take advantage of homeowners in hard times, few roofing companies can say they've been around for almost 37 years and have made it through difficult times themselves. Call a trusted contractor for any home improvement and stay away from solicitors looking for a quick pay check.

Spring Roofing in Maryland

With all this above average weather happening it’s forcing us to install all these above average roofs. We’ve been down to Annapolis over to Silver Spring and up to Woodbine, Landmark weathered wood pro seams to be the color of the week. Typically roofing doesn’t start to ramp up for us until mid to late March but with the weather so nice we get a jump start on spring. If your in the market for a new roof or just a small repair give us a call, roofing season is here!

Howard County Roof Replacements

This week was all about Howard County roof replacements. We finished the week up in Ellicott City with a two layer rancher tare off and installed landmark pro colonial slate. Spring looks like it will start early this year so beat the rush and the rains, give a call for an honest roof evaluation to see if your in need of a roof replacement or repair.

Roof Replacement in Clarksville

We have definitely been taking advantage of all this warm weather lately, this is one of the recent roof replacements we completed in Clarksville, MD with CertainTeed Landmark PRO Morie Black. Certainteed is our shingle of choice because of there great track record and the warranties they provide. All the roofs we install come with lifetime limited warranty, 130 mph wind warranty, ten year surestart warranty and homeowners are able to transfer everything over if the house is sold in the first ten years. CertainTeed only offers these warranties for roofs installed by shingle master companies, that is why it is very important to hire a reputable local roofing company.

Full Roof Replacement, Columbia, MD

Starting the week off in Columbia, MD with a full plywood replacement job. Many houses from the 60's & 70's have a 3/8" thickness plywood, over time it starts to delaminate and making it unsuitable to install new shingles on. We installed all new thicker 1/2" plywood along with roof runner synthetic felt and Landmark Pro Georgetown grey shingles.

Replaced Roof in Ellicott City

We couldn't have asked for nicer roofing weather in February than what we had on Monday. We took advantage of the warm day and went to work in Ellicott City to replace this roof with CertainTeed Landmark PRO Heather Blend. If your in the market for a new roof beat the Spring rush and set up your free estimate today.

Shingles, Skylights & Solar Powered Blinds

This roof in Gaithersburg is already getting the water test. We Installed Landmark PRO Burnt Sienna shingles along with 3 new attic fans and six Velux skylights with solar powered blinds. The solar panels for the blinds are in the top right corner of the glass and there operated by a touch screen smart remote, a nifty gadget for anyone whos has bedroom skylights.

Full Roof Replacement, Brookeville

Finally we got some sun and were back to work right by the shop in Brookeville md. This home was right next to another home we did a few weeks ago, are plan was to do them at the same time but of course the rain had different plans pushing this house back but its better late than never. We did a full roof replacement on this home with 4 new Velux skylights and all new 5" gutters and 3x4 downspouts. The Shingles were CertainTeed Charcoal Black and with new white gutters it really gave the home a good face lift. Most of the time when we install gutters we use 5" because we can make them on site with our own gutter machine and that means less of a chance for a supplier do damage them if they were pre-made and delivered. Instead of using the normal 2x3 downspout new roof and gutters that goes with a 5" gutter we use the larger 3x4 downspout.

We do this because gutters are not designed  to hold water they just catch it and try to get it away from the house better, so as long as the gutter can drain out faster than water comes in there's never any problem. Not only does the 3x4 downspout drain more water but also having a larger opening in the gutter helps prevent against leafs clogging the drop out where water enters the downspout, leaving the leafs out and your gutters cleaner.