Out with the old and in with the new!

On every roof replacement that we install nowadays, we use a synthetic felt instead of the older tar paper. You can see in the picture on the right, we removed a 3-tab shingle and the old black tar paper started to dry out and deteriorate from the extreme heat, causing the brown lines to form in between the seams of the shingle tabs. On the left is a synthetic felt that can last for 50 years under shingles before it will start to deteriorate. It’s kind of like a Ledo pizza. We don’t cut corners when it comes to your roof.

Ashton MD Roofer

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Shakes to Shingles

Taking full advantage of the warm week with a few roof replacements. We removed all the cedar shakes from this roof in Germantown and installed Landmark Pro weathered wood shingles and it really gave the home a facelift. One of the more important details to pay attention to when removing a shake roof and installing new shingles is the wall flashing. Cedar Shakes are thicker than asphalt shingles so the spacing between siding and the roof deck is going to change when new shingles are installed, we have to make sure to use tall enough step flashing and/or install counter flashing to make up the difference. Another important reason to make sure you hire an experienced roofing contractor.

A good start to the New Year!

We got a good start to the New Year with a couple of roofs this week in Gaithersburg, Olney & Clarksville, all three are landmark pro roofs and all three were happy customers. Monday morning we’re back to Gaithersburg, MD.

Happy Holidays

We're always so busy making your roof and home watertight that we figured why not make the presents watertight with some synthetic underlayment! Although we did find out that it's great for transportation but makes it very tricky to open & a little less fun because you can't rip the paper.
From everyone at Welsh Roofing
Happy Holidays!

Colonial Slate Shingles in Glenwood

Roofing in December can be tricky sometimes but not with mornings like these. We're getting set up in Glenwood, MD to install another CertainTeed roof with colonial Slate shingles. There's rain & snow in the future forecast and this home will be ready for anything, will yours?

2 Landmark PRO Heather Blend Roofs

We were able to have a few good days this week to sneak a couple of roofs in. Both of these houses went with the same color choice, Landmark PRO Heather Blend. The steeper slop roof gave us a little surprise on one pitch of roof by having two layers of shingles on it, while the rest of the house only had one layer of shingles. Everything went smoothly with both jobs and now they are ready for the next couple of rainy days.

Using Tarps to Protect Landscaping

Starting off in Olney Mill this morning bright and early. Maybe you seen us do this before with our tarps to protect the landscaping from trash falling while we strip the old roof off, but did you know there is another reason we do it? We don’t want keep people trapped inside ether. With the summer heat coming if you don’t allow air flow to your bushes and plants the tarps will burn and can kill them in short order. Another small but important detail to consider when hiring a roofing contractor.

New Roofs & Gutters

We had to dodge a few rain drops this week but we were still able to get a few roofs installed along with new gutters this week. We know this weekend will feel more like October with a polar vortex moving in, but we hope everyone has a great Mother's Day weekend.

2 Roofs: Brookeville, Mt Airy

This week was a good reminder that we live in Maryland, we started the week with 80 degree weather and ended Friday with high winds and 30 degree wind chills. We were lucky enough to squeeze two roofs in this week, one in Brookeville and the other in Mt Airy. We cannot thank all the homeowners enough that are letting us continue to work on there homes though these uncertain times.