Shingles, Skylights & Solar Powered Blinds

This roof in Gaithersburg is already getting the water test. We Installed Landmark PRO Burnt Sienna shingles along with 3 new attic fans and six Velux skylights with solar powered blinds. The solar panels for the blinds are in the top right corner of the glass and there operated by a touch screen smart remote, a nifty gadget for anyone whos has bedroom skylights.

Full Roof Replacement, Brookeville

Finally we got some sun and were back to work right by the shop in Brookeville md. This home was right next to another home we did a few weeks ago, are plan was to do them at the same time but of course the rain had different plans pushing this house back but its better late than never. We did a full roof replacement on this home with 4 new Velux skylights and all new 5" gutters and 3x4 downspouts. The Shingles were CertainTeed Charcoal Black and with new white gutters it really gave the home a good face lift. Most of the time when we install gutters we use 5" because we can make them on site with our own gutter machine and that means less of a chance for a supplier do damage them if they were pre-made and delivered. Instead of using the normal 2x3 downspout new roof and gutters that goes with a 5" gutter we use the larger 3x4 downspout.

We do this because gutters are not designed  to hold water they just catch it and try to get it away from the house better, so as long as the gutter can drain out faster than water comes in there's never any problem. Not only does the 3x4 downspout drain more water but also having a larger opening in the gutter helps prevent against leafs clogging the drop out where water enters the downspout, leaving the leafs out and your gutters cleaner.

Lifetime Roofing

Over the past few weeks we have been able to get a lot done because the rain has finally gone away. We installed this roof in Bethesda md for the second time, the first time was installed 29 years ago when Welsh Roofing was only a few years old and a 25 year shingle was used, almost 30 years later the reason for the same homeowners to replace the roof again wasn't because it was leaking but because they are thinking of selling and knew it might be that time to do it again. This home is a good example as to why we give lifetime labor warranties on all of are roof installs, making a 25yr shingle last until its 30 is a hard thing to come by. We didn't go back with a 25 year shingle this time we went with CertianTeed Landmark Resawn shake, and we installed a TPO flat roofing system on the back flat addition.

Driftwood Roof Shingles, Layhill, MD

This weeks weather has been a little bit of a tease with the warm spring like temperatures. Even though its still February we're pretending is May and installing roofs all week, this is a shot of one of the roofs we did in Layhill MD. Two new Velux skylights and CertainTeed driftwood shingles is really making this thirty year old home look completely different. we're going to take advantage of the warm weather and try to get as much done as we can but it looks like we might get cut short with dropping temperatures and snow coming over the weekend.

Replacing 2 Roofs in Olney, MD

We"re Finishing up the week in Olney Area Replacing two of the same style roofs on the same street. We have been in this neighborhood in the past doing minor repairs and now many of the residents are starting to go for the full roof replacement because the homes are 20-25 years old now. These homes had xt-25yr shingles on them but we tore them off and installed new landmark shingles, one home got charcoal black and the other got morie black both of them look great . Everyone will have fathers day weekend off and then its back to work on Monday.