Help Homeowners diagnose roof leaks

With everyone practicing social distancing because of Corona virus we thought it would be a good time to help homeowners help us diagnose some roof leaks that might not actually be roof leaks. Failing windows/siding leaks are commonly mistaken for roof leaks. In the first picture you can see the dark stains under the bottom corners of the window as a result of a failing window, if this happens the roof flashing will not keep the water out.

Chimney Crowns and masonry are also a common problem, over time your chimney will start to develop cracks giving water the opportunity to enter your home. One of the more common issues we see is failing B-vent/ furnace flu caps, the last three pictures show you that water can enter through the cap and at the connections in the attic appear on the outside of the pipe leaving white stains from the soot dripping out with the water. Roof flashing will not prevent the water from entering you home from these issues but are simple to fix, don't be pressured into a new roof by contractors when a new roof might not even fix the problem.

We are always ready to assist you during these times, give us a call with any questions @301-774-2167